The Tour for Intermediate Investors

Welcome! This page offers a brief tour of The Investment FAQ for people who feel pretty confident about personal finance and investing, and would like to expand their knowledge a little. The articles that are part of this tour are meant to give you an idea of the breadth and depth of information on this site.

Begin your tour with some brief words of wisdom. These may be cliches, but they have a large kernel of truth.

The next stop on the tour is some advice on when to buy and sell stocks. Of course I don't have all the answers, nobody does, but this article will help you make decisions.

You've certainly heard of things like options and futures, so read the article about derivatives to gain a basic understanding of these animals.

In late March the stock exchanges saw some large swings that were moderated in part by mechanisms called circuit breakers. This stop on your tour will help you learn about these safeguards against a 1929-style meltdown.

This tour includes a stop at the home of the chartists, or in other words, the technical analysts. Read about technical analysis and how it might help you.

Are you planning your retirement? The new Roth IRA has a number of attractive features for wage earners of all ages. Read about Roth provisions to see if this retirement plan is right for you.

Our next-to-last stop will give you some information about discount brokerage houses and how you can trade for very little money. Comissions can really eat into your profits, but you don't want to sacrifice service either.

The last stop on the tour is the bookstore so you can read what the professionals have to say. The books listed here were recommended by other readers of this FAQ, and I'm sure you'll find several that are appropriate for you.

Well, thanks for taking the tour! I hope you'll continue on to the table of contents and browse for information that will help you. Please use the link below to send me your comments, I really want to hear from you.