The Tour for Expert Investors

Welcome! This page offers a brief tour of The Investment FAQ for expert investors. Alas, I fear that I can learn more from you than you can learn from me, but the articles might hold a few surprises for you.

If you trade stock options, have a look at the article about placing orders for options.

Do you know all the details of how the OTC market really works? The article on the NASDAQ market might help you brush up.

Maybe you're a believer in technical analysis. But how good is the data that you get? Read the discussion on whether you can trust the tape or not.

Most of the gory details about payment for order flow are discussed in the article about order routing.

The last stop on the tour is the bookstore so you can read what the professionals have to say. The books listed here were recommended by other readers of this FAQ, and I'm sure you'll find several that are appropriate for you.

Well, thanks for taking the tour! If you would like to contribute an article, or point out where I've gone wrong, please use the link below. I really want to hear from you.